Robins! How They Grow Up

Robins! How They Grow Up, by Eileen Christelow

Synopsis: Robins are the most familiar and beloved of all birds, found throughout North America and celebrated as one of the first signs of spring. But there’s a lot about them that most people don’t know! In this visually stunning picture book that features comic-book panels combined with painterly illustrations, Eileen Christelow tells the story of two young robins’ first year, and reveals plenty of little-known facts that are sure to captivate young naturalists. Narrated with humor and filled with kid-pleasing details, this fascinating account of how robins grow up includes an Author’s Note, Glossary, More About Robins, and Sources.

Published: February 2017 | ISBN: 978-0544442894 | Ages: 6-9 years

Author’s Homepage:

Publishers Weekly Book Review
Kids Reads Book Review
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Hardcover Edition: Robins!: How They Grow Up
Kindle Edition: Robins!: How They Grow Up


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