The Little Pebble

The Little Pebble by Anna Claybourne and illustrated by Sally Garland

Synopsis:This Little Pebble begins with a child finding a small, forgotten pebble in his pocket. It uses this simple premise as a jumping-off point to explore what rocks are, where they come from and how fundamental they are to life here on Earth.

For readers aged six and up, This Little Pebble uses beautiful artwork to show the rich diversity of rocks all around us, with friendly, narrative text by award-winning children’s writer Anna Claybourne making the book feel like a journey. It explores topics as fascinating and as wide-ranging as Earth’s formation, the rock cycle, volcanoes and earthquakes, where precious stones come from and what fossils are. It also provides great support for for the topic of rocks in both the geography and science curriculum.

Published: April 2016 | ISBN: 978-1-4451-4969-1 | Ages: 6+ years

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“One of the reasons we chose this book was the wonderful way it is told from the perspective of a child. It starts with a small boy and a pebble, and it takes this pebble and it gives you the story of this object, which of course is an amazing story itself – it involves volcanoes, tectonic plates, waterfalls, climate change. But ultimately it’s pebble and it’s something the reader of the book could pick up and look at themselves. There are also lots of facts in the book, about the rock cycle, different types of rocks and where you can find them. It’s a really interesting and imaginative way to introduce geology to young readers.” – Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize Judges

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Hardcover Edition:This Little Pebble


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