How We Live and Why We Die: The Secret Life of Cells


How We Live and Why We Die: The Secret Life of Cells by Lewis Wolpert

Synopsis: Acclaimed biologist Lewis Wolpert eloquently narrates the basics of human life through the lens of its smallest component: the cell.

Everything about our existence-movement and memory, imagination and reproduction, birth, and ultimately death-is governed by our cells. They are the basis of all life in the universe, from bacteria to the most complex animals. In the tradition of the classic Lives of a Cell, but with the benefit of the latest research, Lewis Wolpert demonstrates how human life grows from a single cell into a body, an incredibly complex society of billions of cells. Wolpert goes on to examine the science behind topics that are much discussed but rarely understood―stem-cell research, cloning, DNA, cancer―and explains how all life on earth evolved from just one cell. Lively and passionate, this is an accessible guide to understanding the human body and life itself.

Published: October 2009 | ISBN-13: 978-0393339383

Mini-bio: Lewis Wolpert is South African-born British developmental biologist, author, and broadcaster. Wolpert is recognized for his work on the intracellular positional information that guides cellular development. Wikipedia

Wolpert is a prominent cell biologist. In this concise account, he takes us on a whistle-stop tour through the cell, describing with clarity how we develop from a single cell at fertilisation to fantastically complex organisms. Imagine you can shrink to the size of a nanoparticle and tunnel through the blood vessels down to the capillaries, then pop through the membrane of a single body cell, from where you can observe the beautifully organised machinery within. Wolpert does a good job in neatly summarising swathes of information into one easy-to-read book. Highly recommended! – From 10 Great Books on Life Sciences

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