Pippa’s Island: The Beach Shack Cafe (Pippa’s Island #1)

Pippa’s Island: The Beach Shack Cafe (Pippa’s Island #1) by Belinda Murrell

Synopsis: Pippa has just arrived at a new school, in a new town, and even living on a gorgeous island isn’t cheering her up. Her arrival causes ripples at Kira Island Primary School – but Pippa soon starts to make friends with eco-warrior Meg, boho-chick Charlie, and fashionista and cupcake baker Cici.

Pippa’s mum plans to buy a rustic old boatshed and start a bookshop cafe, and Pippa worries they’ll lose all their money in this madcap venture – until her new friends come to the rescue to help get the grand opening back on track.

Will Kira Island ever feel like home?

Published: July 2017 | ISBN: 9780143783671 | Ages: 8-12 years

Author’s Homepage: https://belindamurrell.com.au

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Paperback Edition: The Beach Shack Cafe (Pippa’s Island)
Kindle Edition: Pippa’s Island 1: The Beach Shack Cafe


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