Science Book a Day (sciencebookaday) is a new project looking at sharing a topic close to our hearts – SCIENCE BOOKS!

Are you one of those people who goes past literature, fiction, the crime section, past the sport section into those elusive few shelves (or links) that contains the science section of a bookshop? I know I am. I always walked past the fiction section wondering why one would bother with a section that was just made up! Getting older, I appreciate that fiction does have something to demonstrate, but always find myself wanting to spend time with reality, in the form of science.

It’s also hard to figure out where to start! For this reason and to promote science books to a wider world, I have started this project.

This blog and twitter stream (@sciencebookaday) will feature one book a day. We hope to share some old books, new books and books we have loved or loathed!

I hope you will join us 🙂


STARTING June 1, 2013


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I like reading Helen Caldicott, If You Love This Planet is a good one. I’ve seen her speak and she is very inspiring…

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