Happy New Year from Science Book a Day

Happy New Year from Science Book a Day

Welcome to 2018. I can’t believe that 2017 is over! I had an amazing year, trying to get further study done, a new job at a university and helping to take care of my son. Thanks to my beautiful wife for taking on the heavy lifting of his care. As you can imagine, finding time to continue with Science Book a Day was a challenge.

But I managed to keep it up and in the down time I have in January, will be hoping to perform some new upgrades on the website. The blog has been going since June 2013 and has featured over 1600 books in that time. I’ve kept the same format for the blog, so you might notice some changes as I try a few new templates to give the blog a new feel. The giveaways were largely put on hold in 2017, but I hope to revive them this year, but we shall see how we go on that front.

I had the opportunity to do some science book writing for The Conversation this year and interviewed James Gleick for a public audience, which was a great experience. Hopefully we’ll continue more of that in 2018. I’ll also try to do 1-minute video reviews as well, to try my skills at filming and editing as well 🙂

I just wanted to thank you so much for your involvement with SBAD, whether you’ve only visited once or many times. The many clicks, comments and emails make me think I am contributing something to the world.

I hope you had a wonderful end of 2017 and are looking to an enjoyable 2018.




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