Agronomy-Grow with it!

Agronomy-Grow with it!, by Comfort Ateh, Melanie Bayles, Greg Welbaum, and Judy Mannes

Synopsis: What’s Agronomy? Agronomy Grow with It! explores the science of agriculture. Agronomy is the science we use to grow the crops that feed us, feed our livestock, and even fuel our cars. It’s a science that tackles the big challenge of our future: How can we grow enough food to end world hunger and, at the same time, adapt to a changing climate and protect our environment? Meet 20 real agronomists who face that challenge every day. They have very different careers, but they share the same passion “growing” a science that makes a difference. So, think about becoming an agronomist. You can help shape the world in your future. Seven sections cover main topics in agronomy and align with basic science topics in the Next Generation Science Standards: Agronomists Feed the World Crops: Sooo Much More than Food Problems with Pests Bringing Crops and Livestock to the Farm… Together Water Matters! Getting Enough…Keeping it Safe Soil: We Gotta Have It, But Will We? Coping With Climate Change

Published: September 2016 | ISBN: 978-0891183495 | Ages: 9-10 years

Book’s Homepage:

Mini-bio: Greg Welbaum‘s work involves the following: develop postharvest seed treatments that enhance quality, study the role of turgor pressure in plant growth and development, thermogradient table design and applications, and identify alternative crops that can be profitably grown in Virginia. – Virginia Tech

What APS members said about this book:This book explains agronomy by introducing 20 international agronomists and their work (including Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug) with busy graphics and chopped up text. Packed with a tremendous number of facts on soils, crops, ecology, climate change and science careers and essential for a school library. Includes a glossary. – Debary Children’s Science Book Award Nomination

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Paperback Edition: Agronomy – Grow with It


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