The House on the Hill: the transformation of Australian farming communities

The House on the Hill:  the transformation of Australian farming communities by Neil Barr

Synopsis: This book is a result of the Land & Water Australia Senior Research Fellowship award which allowed  Dr Barr the breathing space to complete a manuscript based on his experiences as a rural social researcher.

On the land and in country towns, the battle to survive goes on forever. Increasingly, the worlds needs food and fibre, but squeezes out the communities which provide them. Young people leave, farmers sell up, towns die, football teams amalgamate, communities keep reinventing themselves.

What’s going on? What can we do? Neil Barr looks close up and he looks at the big picture. What affects real people on the land affects everybody.

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Mini-bio: Neil Barr is the leader of the Rural, Social Research Team with the Department of Primary Industries, Victoria. – Land & Water Australia

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Land & Water Australia Research Book Review/Summary


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