Logic of Life: the Challenge of Integrative Physiology

Logic of Life: the Challenge of Integrative Physiology, edited by C Boyd & Denis Noble

Synopsis: A highly challenging collection of essays by eminent scientists on the theme of integrative approaches to physiological questions, this book discusses the changing boundaries between different disciplines in modern experimental biology. The contributors are experts in the fields of integrative physiology, cellular evolution, control mechanisms, endocrinology, and behavioral biology. Conceived as a tribute to the 1993 International Congress of Physiological Sciences, this important work matches the immense challenge of modern biological science at the end of the twentieth century.

First Published: January 1993 | ISBN: 978-0192624178

Mini-bio: Denis Noble  is a British biologist who held the Burdon Sanderson Chair of Cardiovascular Physiology at the University of Oxford from 1984 to 2004 and was appointed Professor Emeritus and co-Director of Computational Physiology. Wikipedia

Anyone working in biomedical science constantly hears talk of the importance of an integrative approach. This book draws together several different authors, each giving their perspective on the study of physiology, from more molecular to integrative angles. What’s really striking about this book it how it skilfully draws together disparate aspects of biological study, thus subtly illustrating how the overlap between different disciplines governs research strategy. – From 10 Great Books on Life Sciences

Experimental Physiology Book Review [pdf]
Quarterly Review of Biology Book Review

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Paperback Edition: Logic of Life: the Challenge of Integrative Physiology


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