ABC Universe (AMNH ABC Board Books)

ABC Universe (AMNH ABC Board Books) by the American Museum of Natural History

Synopsis: From an astronaut in space to Voyageryellow dwarf, and zenith, this ABC board book opens up the entire universe to children! Created in tandem with the American Museum of Natural History, it takes kids on a photographic journey through comets, flares, and planets like Jupiter, and introduces them to black holes, supernovas, telescopes, and more. Perfect for the youngest astronomers.

Published: April 2015 | ISBN: 978-1454914099 | Ages: 2-5 years

To infinity and beyond with an absolutely fascinating alphabet book that reaches out into the stars and into the universe, perfect for little space cadets. Bold photographic illustrations capture every object, ensuring children learning their letters will have plenty to look at. – From 10 Great Books for Kids

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Boardbook Edition: ABC Universe (AMNH ABC Board Books)


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