The Cold Equations


The Cold Equations by Tom Godwin

Synopsis: Tom Godwin’s story “The Cold Equations” rocked the science fiction world when it appeared. A pilot is on an emergency mission to a planet whose colony is doomed if he doesn’t reach them. He has just enough fuel to get there – then he finds he has a stowaway, a young girl wanting to be with her brother on the colony. If the pilot jettisons her through the airlock, the ship will barely make it to a landing on the planet. If he does not, the ship will crash and both of them as well as the colony will die. What will he do? Also in this volume are other, unforgettable stories by Godwin, including his full – length novel Space Prison, which poses another problem in survival: if hostile aliens have marooned you and hundreds of other people on a nearly uninhabitable planet, how do you manage not only to endure, but to get revenge? A large volume by a master of science fiction adventure with an extra dimension of speculation.

First Published: 1954 | ISBN-13: 978-0743488495

Mini-bio: Tom Godwin was an American science fiction author. Godwin published three novels and twenty seven short stories. His controversial hard SF short story “The Cold Equations” is a notable example of the mid-1950s science fiction genre. Wikipedia

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