Thinking in Numbers: How Maths Illuminates Our Lives


Thinking in Numbers: How Maths Illuminates Our Lives by Daniel Tammet

Synopsis: This is the book that Daniel Tammet, bestselling author and mathematical savant, was born to write. In Tammet’s world, numbers are beautiful and mathematics illuminates our lives and minds. Using anecdotes and everyday examples, Tammet allows us to share his unique insights and delight in the way numbers, fractions and equations underpin all our lives. Inspired by the complexity of snowflakes, Anne Boleyn’s sixth finger or his mother’s unpredictable behaviour, Tammet explores questions such as why time seems to speed up as we age, whether there is such a thing as an average person and how we can make sense of those we love. Thinking in Numbers will change the way you think about maths and fire your imagination to see the world with fresh eyes.

Published: February 2012 | ISBN-13: 978-0316187367

Author’s Homepage:

First hand account of how an extraordinarily gifted mathematical savant thinks about numbers. – From 10 Great Books on Mathematics

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