Astarons: Cosmic Guardians


Astarons: Cosmic Guardians by Gilda Kirkpatrick and Myles Lawford (Illustrator)

Synopsis: When the peace and harmony of the solar system are shattered by a surprise attack, our cosmic guardians embark on a dangerous quest to save their home. This story is about the Astarons and their journey into the mysterious universe.

The first in a series of illustrated comic style sci-fi books where eight super-heroes take the reader on an enthralling journey through our solar system, exploring our galaxy and further galaxies to the edge of the universe. Astarons is an exciting blend of dynamic illustrations, blockbuster storylines and science.

Science consultants Dr John Eldridge and Dr Nicholas Rattenbury are both from the University of Auckland, Department of Astrophysics.

Published: September 2015 | ISBN: 9780994127501 | Ages: 7+ years

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Mini-bio: Gilda Kirkpatrick, owns a successful creative & marketing advertising agency in Britomart. After years of creating amazing concepts & campaigns for her clients, Gilda wanted to forge her own creative path, enter the world of both writing and publishing to create something that has the potential to bridge both entertainment and education. Gilda is a mother & holds a Bachelor of Architecture. Her favourite planet is Earth, favourite star is Alpha Centuri and favourite Astaron is Artha.
Gilda’s Twitter:

Mini-bio: Myles Lawford’s career as a best-selling, award winning illustrator began in mid-90’s. His early digital work with major sporting associations lead to illustrating many children’s books. Myles is an avid reader of comic books and graphic novels with a keen interest in conceptual/character design within the gaming and movie industries. His favourite planet is Saturn, favourite star is Betelgeuse and favourite Astaron is Mercs.

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