Science Book a Day Celebrates its 5th Birthday!

Science Book a Day Celebrates its 5th Birthday!

Holy cow. My little blog turns 5 this year. You may have noticed that posts aren’t quite as regular as they have been in previous years. This is because it has been one of the most hectic and unexpected years I’ve had in living memory. None of this is for bad reasons, just juggling work, baby, wife going back to work and older grandparents – oh, and my 13 year old dog died 😦

I started the blog on the 1st of June 2013 with the aim of engaging people with science books. I think there is so much coverage of other genres like crime, romance, fantasy, etc. that the humble science book often gets overlooked in reviews and publications around the world. Is science too serious? Is science too hard? Does it offer the world and deliver so little? It’s hard to say, but I know that I’m interested in people knowing more about science so that they can make more informed decisions, and to hear stories that go beyond the well trodden stories about Einstein, Newton or Gallileo. There’s a whole universe of books about science, whether it’s history, science through fiction or a book outlining the basics of physics or the minds of animals. – 1st Birthday Celebration

Every year I look at this outline and think about changing it, but the reasons I do this blog are still the same.

  • Science engagement in getting people to realise there is more to science books than the single shelf you might have at your local book store
  • Getting people to realise that there is more to science books than the traditional stories we have. It has been great over the course of this blog to see more voices from women, from different parts of the world and different disciplines
  • To read one of these books, any of them.

If you lament that you can’t read them all, don’t. Just reading one more book than you had read in the last little while, is one more book that you’ve read. And don’t just take the authors word for it, be skeptical, critical and do some research from reliable sources of scientific knowledge.

As always, thanks to those people who come to the blog regularly to see what I’m sharing. Every view, click and like makes me feel that this blog is worthwhile.

Thank you,



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