The Hephaestus Plague

The Hephaestus Plague, by Thomas Page

Synopsis: Brand new edition of the 1973 Classic with an introduction by Jeannot Szwarc. Out of the brimstone and hellfire of the North Carolina sandhills comes a simple, deadly challenge to man’s supremacy on earth: The Hephaestus Plague. Blind, black, armoured and unstoppable a fire making beetle with an amazing scientific secret. A secret that the reclusive, monomaniacal Professor Parmiter is obsessed with sharing and an insect whose biological destiny he is determined to fulfill, without regard for the human consequences. With a preface by Jeannot Szwarc, director of the motion picture based on the novel, BUG (1975), and of hit television show Heroes, this new edition puts this brilliant novel back in its quintessential context.

First Published: 1973 | ISBN: 978-0552097215

Mini-bio: Thomas Page was born in Washington D.C., and is a graduate of Elon College and The University of North Carolina. He has a major in English and an M.F.A in film from Columbia University. – Amazon bio

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Paperback Edition: The Hephaestus Plague
Kindle Edition: The Hephaestus Plague


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