A New Kind of Science

A New Kind of Science, by Stephen Wolfram

Synopsis: Starting from a collection of simple computer experiments illustrated by striking computer graphics Stephen Wolfram shows in this landmark book how their unexpected results force a whole new way of looking at the operation of our universe. Wolfram uses his approach to tackle a remarkable array of fundamental problems in science, from the origins of apparent randomness in physical systems, to the development of complexity in biology, the ultimate scope and limitations of mathematics, the possibility of a truly fundamental theory of physics, the interplay between free will and determinism, and the character of intelligence in the universe.

Published: May 2002 | ISBN: 978-1579550080

Author’s Homepage: http://www.stephenwolfram.com
Author’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/stephen_wolfram

The Guardian Book Review
Mathematical Association of America Book Review
WIRED Reflection by Author
The New York Review of Books Book Review

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Paperback Edition: A New Kind of Science
Kindle Edition: A New Kind of Science


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