Other Women’s Children

Other Women’s Children, by Perri Klass

Synopsis: Dr. Amelia Stern became a pediatrician to cure children, not see them die. In a kind of bargain she strikes with herself and fate, she does everything she can to save other women’s children, hoping to keep her own child safe from harm.

It’s never easy. Amelia’s hospital life contrasts so starkly with her cozy domestic world that she can’t help but bring it home sometimes. Always available for medical emergencies and the needs of her helpless patients, Amelia begins to ignore her own needs. And her family life and marriage fade in importance as she heroically fights to save all of her children.

A tender and timely examination of a doctor’s world, a mother’s world, and a wife’s world, OTHER WOMEN’S CHILDREN is a revealing X ray of the complications of women’s lives today.

Published: October 1990 | ISBN: 978-0804108577

Author’s Homepage: http://www.perriklass.com
Author’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/perriklass

I read all three in medical school. While I still feel that pediatrics is more similar to veterinary medicine than to adult medicine (the patients can’t tell you what is wrong with them and you have to deal with their sometimes overprotective and neurotic “owners”), these books are a fascinating glimpse into the training of a pediatrician – starting from Klass’ medical school training at Harvard Medical School and continuing through her early career. – From 10 Great Books on Medicine

LA Times Book Review
Cindy Fazzi Book Review

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Paperback Edition: Other Women’s Children


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