The Cassandra Compact

The Cassandra Compact by Robert Ludlum and Philip Shelby

Synopsis: What they’re going to do, I never would have believed it…These were among the final words spoken by Yuri Danko, an officer in the medical division of Russia’s security service, before his body was ripped apart by a spray of assassins’ bullets. Danko’s confidential appointment in Venice with Covert-One operative Jon Smith might have ended in death―but his secret didn’t die with him…

Now, in possession of Danko’s classified papers, Smith and CIA undercover agent Randi Russell have unearthed a terrifying global conspiracy. A Serb terrorist, backed by Russians, is on a mission to spirit hazardous vials of deadly bacteria to a U.S. government agent―a shadowy figure whose motives for acquiring the bioweapon are made all the more unfathomable when both men are found murdered―and the strain is stolen. Time is running out for Smith and Russell to track it down, find the madman who possesses it, and stop him before he holds a defenseless world hostage with the power to render the human race extinct.

Published: 2001 | ISBN: 978-0312544119

Robert’s Homepage:

Mini-bio: Philip Shelby is an American writer, possibly best known for writing the second novel, The Cassandra Compact, in the Covert-One series in conjunction with fellow author Robert Ludlum. Wikipedia

Similarly to Bio-Strike, the idea of using science in bioweapons and terrorism, covert operations etc. was fascinating to me, and throughout my teen years books such as these were all the fiction I read. – From 10 Great Science Books and Stuff by Sciengage

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Paperback Edition: The Cassandra Compact (Covert-One)
Kindle Edition: The Cassandra Compact (COVERT-ONE)


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