Flight of the Goose: A story of the far north

Flight of the Goose: A story of the far north by Lesley Thomas

Synopsis: Flight of the Goose is an award-winning novel about an indigenous woman shaman, a draft-dodging bird scientist, and a young Inupiaq hunter caught between traditions.

Their tale, woven from threads of psychological thriller, love story, eco-fiction, science and the metaphysical, is set in a remote village and the wilds of the Alaskan Arctic in a time of great cultural and ecological upheaval.

Published: February 2005 | ISBN: 978-0967884219

Author’s Homepage: http://lesleythomas.strikingly.com

Interview with Author

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Paperback Edition: Flight of the Goose
Kindle Edition: Flight of the Goose: a Story of the Far North


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