A Place for Birds

A Place for Birds by Melissa Stewart and Illustrated by Higgins Bond

Synopsis: In simple yet informative language, A Place for Birds introduces young readers to the ways human action or inaction can affect bird populations and opens kids’ minds to a wide range of environmental issues. Describing various examples, the text provides an intriguing look at birds, at the ecosystems that support their survival, and at the efforts of some people to save them. At the end of the book, the author offers readers a list of things they can do to help protect these special creatures in their own communities.

First Published: 2009 | ISBN: 978-1561458400 | Ages: 7-10 years

Melissa’s Homepage: http://www.melissa-stewart.com
Melissa’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/mstewartscience

Higgin’s Homepage: http://www.higginsbond.com

Kirkus Reviews Book Review
Handbook of Nature Study Book Review

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Paperback Edition: A Place for Birds


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