The Promise of Science: A vision of hope (Boyer Lectures 2014)

The Promise of Science: A vision of hope (Boyer Lectures 2014) by Suzanne Cory

Synopsis: Professor Cory is not just a scientist: she is a humanist, an environmentalist, and an unremitting optimist. Cory’s Boyer Lecture series reflects her hope for a bright future.

In the Promise of Science: A vision of hope, Professor Cory explores what Australian science has given the nation and the world, and how it might help set to rights some of our biggest problems. Climate change, continuing gender inequity, the possibilities for a sustainable knowledge-based economy and the promise of medical research all come under the microscope as Cory carries an urgent message to Australians.

the Boyer Lectures is a series of talks by prominent Australians chosen by the ABC board to present ideas on major social, scientific or cultural issues. the lectures have been broadcast on ABC Radio for more than 40 years and have stimulated thought, discussion and debate in Australia on an astonishing range of subjects – great minds examining issues and values.

the Boyer Lectures began in 1959 and are named after the late Sir Richard Boyer, who was chairman of the ABC. Previous Boyer lecturers include Quentin Bryce, Marcia Langton, Geraldine Brooks, Rupert Murdoch, and Peter Cosgrove.

Published: October 2014 | ISBN: 9781460704325

Mini-bio: Suzanne Cory is a distinguished Australian molecular biologist. She has worked on the genetics of the immune system and cancer and has lobbied her country to invest in science. – Wikipedia

ABC Series

Each year the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) invites a prominent Australian to present the Boyer Lectures, and the 2014 transcripts that comprise this easy-to-read book were written by one of Australia’s leading women in science, Professor Suzanne Cory. Cory is a world-leading researcher in cancer genetics and was the first woman elected President of the Australian Academy of Science. Cory takes you on a journey that has both a historical bent and a present day modernism that engages the reader. She writes with warmth and sincerity about the promise of science for Australia and what is has done – and will still do – for the broader community, our nation’s economy and for the world’s health. Cory speaks with a unique perspective, as a leading woman in science who is internationally recognised for her ground-breaking cancer research and her contribution to science education and public policy. With few women reaching this level of success in science, Cory speaks with passion about the support and encouragement she had throughout her career, and the need for change across the scientific sector to allow more women to become leading researchers and innovators in their own right. An inspiring read for all ages – scientist or not! – From 10 Great Books on Women in Science


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Kindle Edition: Boyer Lectures 2014: The Promise of Science – A Vision of Hope
Audible Edition: Boyer Lectures 2014: The Promise of Science. A Vision of Hope


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