Animasaurus: Incredible Animals That Roamed the Earth


Animasaurus: Incredible Animals That Roamed the Earth by Tracey Turner and illustrated by Harriet Russell

Synopsis: Did you know:

  • A shark as long as a bus roamed the oceans?
  • Hamsters with horns once burrowed the Earth?
  • Giant armadillos grew to the size of a family car?

Find out about the fascinating prehistoric beasts that once walked, swam and hunted across the Earth. Compare these with their closest modern relatives, or other living animals with amazing features.

From cow-sized rodents to furry prehistoric rhinos – packed with beautiful pictures and amazing facts, essential stats and scale diagrams, this is the ultimate guide to prehistoric beasts!

Published: November 2016 | ISBN-13: 978-1408884850

Mini-bio: Tracey Turner is a former editor and author of many non-fiction books for children, including Hodder’s Disgusting Dictionary and titles for the Dead Famous series and 101 Things You Need To Know. Tracey lives in Bath. – Bloomsbury Bio

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Hard Cover Edition – Animasaurus: Incredible Animals That Roamed the Earth


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