Nature of the Chemical Bond and the Structure of Molecules and Crystals


Nature of the Chemical Bond and the Structure of Molecules and Crystals by Linus Pauling

Synopsis: Thorough discussion of the various types of bonds, their relative natures, and the structure of molecules and crystals.

Published: 1960 | ISBN-13: 978-0801403330

Mini-bio: Linus Carl Pauling was an American chemist, biochemist, peace activist, author, and educator. He published more than 1,200 papers and books, of which about 850 dealt with scientific topics. New Scientist called him one of the 20 greatest scientists of all time, and as of 2000, he was rated the 16th most important scientist in history. Pauling was one of the founders of the fields of quantum chemistry and molecular biology. – Wikipedia

A book I have been meaning to read ever since I was an undergraduate, but still have not gotten around to it. Possibly the most important and well-regarded book ever written in the field of Chemistry. While writing this, I searched the library catalogue and found there is a copy sitting in the shelves <100m from where I am. Here’s hoping I’ll have it on loan by the time you read this! – From 10 Great Books on Chemistry and Stuff

Nature Book Review


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