How Things Work: Facts and fun, questions and answers, things to make and do


How Things Work: Facts and fun, questions and answers, things to make and do by Okido

Synopsis: An interactive book that answers all the questions young children have about how things work, from the creators of the innovative art-and-science magazine and television show.

How Things Work is designed to appeal to and encourage the curiosity that young children have about the objects around them. Starting with the common questions about how things work―from how a house is constructed to what powers a rocket to reach the moon―the book follows a little girl named Koko and her three companions as they take things apart, ask questions, and draw conclusions from their discoveries. Readers learn through a variety of explorations, including seeing which things snap and which bend, discovering why water has the magical ability to change shapes, making a string phone, and playing music with a noisy bottle orchestra.

Throughout the book, Koko and her companions address questions that preoccupy young children: How is it made? What makes things move? What are sound and light? How big or small? With bold and energetic illustrations, and with games, recipes, and craft activities interpolated with the lessons, How Things Work combines learning and play to help children more fully comprehend their world. Illustrated in colour throughout.

Published: April 2015 | ISBN-13: 978-0500650448 | Age: 4-8 years

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This book is fantastic for teeny weeny scientists who are just beginning to find out more about their world. Along with a gallant band of curious little folk, kids will learn about all sorts of machines and mechanisms, and the science behind everyday things that make our lives more convenient. Best of all, the book takes great care to introduce green matters to children, ensuring youngsters know the importance of looking after our planet. – From 10 Great Books for Kids

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