The Chemistry of Mind-Altering Drugs: History, Pharmacology, and Cultural Context


The Chemistry of Mind-Altering Drugs: History, Pharmacology, and Cultural Context by Daniel M Perrine

Synopsis: This fascinating book presents a scientifically objective, and thoroughly documented exposition of the pharmacological and psychological effects of nearly every known substance that affects human consciousness, from alcohol to Zopiclone. It also features first-hand accounts and descriptions of the social, cultural, and religious milieus in which many psychotropic plants are used, and discusses historical allusions to many literary and scientific figures who used or wrote of mind-altering drugs, including Freud, Dickens, Yeats, and Huxley. Intended for a wide audience of general readers seeking unbiased information, the book gives an accessible explanation of drug-receptor interaction and organic chemical structures, as well as descriptions of the discovery, isolation, and syntheses of the chemical substances responsible for drug activity. Written by an experienced chemist, the book nevertheless keeps technical information to a minimum.

Published: May 1996 | ISBN-13: 978-0841232532

Mini-bio: Daniel M. Perrine is Associate Professor of Chemistry at Loyola College in Maryland.

“An appropriate alternative title for this fascinating, modestly priced volume might be ‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Drugs.’ The author . . . has left no stone unturned in making this vade mecum of drugs, for specialist or layperson alike, as complete as possible . . . Clearly a labor of love. . . . I heartily recommend this interesting and informative study not only to chemists and pharmacologists but also to professionals, students and educators in the health sciences as well as to science-conscious citizens concerned with the social and ethical implications of the use of mind-altering drugs in our society.” –George B. Kauffman in American Scientist

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