Women in Mathematics: The Addition of Difference


Women in Mathematics: The Addition of Difference by Claudia Henrion

Synopsis: Mathematics is often described as the purest of the sciences, the least tainted by subjective or cultural influences. Theoretically, the only requirement for a life of mathematics is mathematical ability. And yet we see very few women mathematicians. Why?

Based upon a series of ten intensive interviews with prominent women mathematicians throughout the United States, this book investigates the role of gender in the complex relationship between mathematician, the mathematical community, and mathematics itself.

Published: November 1997 | ISBN: 978-0253211194

Author’s Homepage: http://www.claudiahenrion.com

Mathematical Association of America Book Review
American Mathematical Monthly Book Review
The Mathematics Educator Book Review [pdf]
Association for Women in Mathematics Book Review

[Image Credit: http://www.iupress.indiana.edu/popup_image.php?pID=21505&image=0 ]

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