Science Book a Day Interviews Melissa Caughey


Science Book a Day Interviews Melissa Caughey

Special thanks to Melissa Caughey for answering 5 questions about her recently featured book – A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens. Which recently won the 2016 AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for “Hands-on” Science Books.

Melissa Caughey is a nurse practitioner, backyard chicken keeper, beekeeper, and master gardener. Over the past six years, Melissa has shared her family’s adventures on her blog, Tilly’s Nest. There, insight into keeping a flock, life’s lessons, chicken care, heartwarming stories about their adventures in chickens, and more are bursting from the pages. – Adapted from bio

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#1 – What was the impetus for A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens?

I decided to write the book based on the experiences that my family and I were having with our small flock of backyard chickens. It was such an amazing journey that I decided to share it with others in hopes of inspiring our future generations.

#2 – What do you think it is about chickens that make them so enjoyable to children?

Chickens are so much fun! They are naturally curious, silly, and smart. Some breeds are quite friendly and they love to interact with people. Surprising to some, chickens make great pets. They love to sit you your laps, enjoy a good petting and will come when called and follow you around the yard.

#3 – What sort of educational lessons do you think that kids learn by raising chickens?

There are so many! Of course the obvious about caring for animals such as providing food, water, collecting eggs and composting their waste. But there are lots of life’s lessons to be unlocked simply by watching your flock. Kids can also be inspired to create art, grow a garden, learn all about the science of chickens and eggs, and develop relationships with and mutual respect for animals.

#4 – Your book is praised for its ‘Quick Chick Facts’. How did you decide what facts to include in the book?

I included facts that I thought kids and adults alike would find fascinating. I wanted to encourage them to “unplug” from electronics, learn more, read more and discover new things about chickens.

#5 – Are you working on any new books/projects you can tell us about?

I am working on a couple of more books right now. I’m hoping there will be another one to cluck about and hopefully one to buzz about too!

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