Toni Stevens Reviews Can a Skeleton Have an X-Ray?


Review by Toni Stevens

Can a Skeleton Have an X-Ray? by Kyle Hughes-Odgers

“Yes,” my radiographer friend answered quickly and logically. “But,” (and there is always a but with this book) “why would they?”

Can a skeleton have an X-Ray? is a book of questions which might seem on the face of it like they have simple answers. But these questions are actually designed to make us pause for thought, indulge our curiosity, engage our minds, and wonder a little more deeply about the world around us.

  • How does sound taste?
  • Do colours smell?
  • Why do onions make me cry?
  • Who builds the wings for birds to fly?

I picked this book up whilst browsing in Embiggen Books recently and was immediately captured by the stunning illustrations by author Kyle Hughes-Odgers, who is also a renowned street artist. You could spend just as long deconstructing the artwork in this book as you could trying to answer its philosophical questions.

If you’re looking for Christmas presents this book would be perfect for:

  • Kids who constantly ask “why”.
  • Parents who you want to annoy by making their kids ask them unanswerable questions.
  • And adults who are making new year’s resolutions to be more mindful.

Beautifully illustrated this book is a compelling read for both adults and kids who like to question the world around them.

toni-stevensToni Stevens

Toni is a Melbourne based science communicator currently working at Science in Public where she thinks up catchy headlines, twitters, and crafts creative communication strategies for clients, as well as managing a staff of 10.

With a background in environmental science, Toni also loves getting outdoors to go hiking, surfing, camping, and volunteering her time to plant trees.

She has a bookshelf groaning under the weight of science books and really should be a more regular contributor to this blog… where do people find the time to read!

Twitter: @miss_toni
Instagram: @eco_toni


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