Migration Nation: Animals on the Go from Coast to Coast


Migration Nation: Animals on the Go from Coast to Coast by Joanne O’Sullivan

Synopsis: From whales to manatees, pronghorn antelopes to monarch butterflies, travel along with North American animals as they make the trip of a lifetime.

Follow the paths of nine very different types of animals, exploring how and why they take their road trips and the challenges they face along the way. Snakes slither along Southern Ilinois’s Snake Road. Gray Whales swim down the California coast to Baja in Mexico and sandhill cranes wing their way through the midwest. Along the way, these animals on-the-go mate, molt and munch in really unique ways. Migrating polar bears cross through the center of Churchill, Manitoba and monarch butterflies may even cross through your back yard. Kids learn how and when to catch these commuting critters along their paths. Fabulous photos from the National Wildlife Foundation showcase these amazing animals. Bonus: fun facts about each creature and their habitats.

Published: May 2015 | ISBN: 9781623540500

Author’s Homepage: http://www.joanneosullivan.com
Author’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/jkosullivan1

Kirkus Reviews Book Review
Publishers Weekly Book Review

[Image Credit: http://pubimages.randomhouse.com.au/getimage.aspx?vid=474500&usehttp=0&cat=default&class=books&size=custom&resize=1&dpi=300&quality=100&type=jpg&width=1500&height=2500&id=9781623540500 ]


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