Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe

by Simon Singh

(Alternate Title: Big Bang: The most important scientific discovery of all time and why you need to know about it)

Synopsis: We’ve all heard of the Big Bang, and yet few of us truly know what it is.

Renowned for making difficult ideas much less difficult than they might first appear, Simon Singh is our perfect guide to explaining why cosmologists believe that the Big Bang is an accurate description of the origin and evolution of the universe.

This highly readable and entertaining book tells the story of the many brilliant, often eccentric scientists who fought against the establishment idea of an eternal and unchanging cosmos. From such early Greek cosmologists as Anaximander to recent satellite measurements taken deep in space, Big Bang is a narrative full of anecdotes and personal histories. With characteristic clarity, Simon Singh tells the centuries-long story of mankind’s attempt to understand how the universe came to be, a story which itself begins some 14 billion years ago (give or take a billion years). Simon Singh shows us that it is within the capability of all of us — in his expert hands — to understand the Big Bang: the fundamental theory in all of science, and a high point — perhaps the high point — of human achievement.

Published: 2004 | ISBN-13: 978-0007162215

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