Run Tree Run

by Kelly Alsop and Boris Silvestri (illustrator)

Synopsis: A gentle, wise and old tree encourages a Sugar Glider to look for a new home before the mining comes. Scared and alone, the Sugar Glider starts looking for a new home, despite the fact it is daytime. The tree helps other animals too: A Rhinoceros Beetle climbs its branches and is blown away, far away from the mine site. A Cassowary, a flightless bird that is native to the tropical rainforests of North Eastern Australia, is also featured as a loyal friend to the tree.

The tree rustled its leaves thoughtfully. “Once, a long time ago when I was much smaller, another mine threatened us. Some caring humans chained themselves to my mother tree and they save the forest. Perhaps they will help us again.”

Written as a protest against a proposed $1.2 billion bauxsite mine near the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve at the Cape York Peninsula, this chidren’s book has eighteen vibrant illustrations of the rainforest and its animals.

Published: August 2014 | ISBN-13: 978-0987607768 | Ages: 5-7 years

Mini-bio: Kelly Alsop studied anthropology at James Cook University in Cairns.  This, together with the annual summer holidays to Cape York Peninsula her parents took her on as a child, stimulated her interest in nature. Run Tree Run is her second book. – From Jojo Publishing

Illustrator’s Homepage:

Francesca Writes Here Book Review
Reading Time Book Review

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