Mark Brake’s Space, Time, Machine, Monster

By Mark Brake

Synopsis: Jam-packed with aliens and time machines, spaceships and cyborgs and the end of time, Space, Time, Machine, Monster tells you how sci-fi helped build the world in which we live.

Of the fifty biggest-selling movies of all time, most are sci-fi films. Ten million viewers tune in each week to watch Doctor Who. And in the ever-expanding world of computer games, sci-fi titles rule.

Yet our futuristic world was imagined long ago. Dreamt up in the minds of movie directors and classic sci-fi stories. And now it’s the world we live in. How did THAT happen?! As space tourism becomes a reality and the first human to live to 1000 has already been born, it’s about time you found out!

Published: October 2014 | ISBN-13: 978-0992860776 | Age: 9-14 years

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