Beyond Flying: Rethinking Air Travel in a Globally Connected World

Edited by Chris Watson

Synopsis: Fourteen authors from around the world—including lawyers, journalists, scientists, and architects—share their travel stories about life and work “beyond flying,” offering an inspiring catalog of reasons to fly less, some great ways of switching to sustainable choices, and the delights of richer travel experiences. These are the stories of how these remarkable people found easy and better ways of living and working in a globalized world with less air travel. Beyond Flying is an argument for and case study of the action individuals and businesses can take to reduce their carbon footprint by flying less.

Published: March 2014 | ISBN-13: 978-0857842091

Mini-bio: Chris Watson grew up in an airline family and is passionate about flying but began taking personal responsibility for his aviation impact on the environment after learning that the industry increased emissions since the 1990 Earth Summit and has no plan to decarbonise aviation. – From Green Books

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