Everyday Machines: Amazing Devices We Take for Granted

By John Kelly

Synopsis: This book takes the lid off over 20 household machines to reveal how they work. Double-page illustrations show the inside of each machine and the text explains every mechanical and electronic part.

Published: October 1995 | ISBN-13: 978-1570361555

Author’s Homepage: http://www.johnkellyillustration.com

As a young child, this book was given to me as a present. It broke down some of the most common household items kids are familiar with, and opened your eyes to how complicated they may be on the inside, in a way that was fun to read and easy to understand! It was the first book I remember to make me question things beyond how they appear on the outside. – From Sam Askin’s 10 Great Science Books and Stuff by Sciengage

[Image Credit: http://cc.pbsstatic.com/l/55/1555/9781570361555.jpg ]


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