House of Karls

By Karl Kruszelnicki

Synopsis: In the ruthless pursuit of scientific fact, there is no candidate more formidable than Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

Power hungry for experimentation, data manipulation and outlandish science propaganda, Dr Karl is Australia’s incumbent President of Science.

In House of Karls, he addresses a range of issues and questions: how Politics and Greed are dirtying the purity of Science and why the world’s most expensive book costs more than $23 million dollars, but only $4 to post. How real is the Five Second Rule with food? Why does a frog in milk stop it from souring? Why did the Nazis steal the only Space Buddha?

Gold may bring power, but how did it get from an exploding star to a gum tree? Why are children smarter than their parents? Why is bank robbery a terrible economic decision, and what are the surprising origins of the ‘selfie’?

Did you know that the Government knows of a cancer cure and it has 75,000 pieces of Big Data on you …

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Knowledge is Power.

Published: November 2014 | ISBN: 9781743519516

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