Light Is All Around Us

by Wendy Pfeffer, illustrated by Paul Meisel

Synopsis: Just stop and take a look—light is all around you!

Light from the sun brightens the day, firelight flickers in the night, and electric light fills our homes. Do you know the speed of light or how to measure its brightness? And how does light help you see? Read and find out about the many ways that light brightens our world!

Published: February 2014 | ISBN: 9780060291211 | Age: 4-8 years

Mini-bio: Wendy Pfeffer, award winning author of many children’s books and one adult book, taught elementary school, directed a nursery school and has led writing classes for all ages. She especially enjoys visiting schools to teach writing workshops and lead interactive presentations with children. Wendy lives in Pennington, New Jersey and is available to visit your school to help children discover the joy of writing. By sharing real life experiences, she hopes these entertaining and informative tales will inspire children to read books and write them. – From

Illustrator’s Homepage:

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Portland Book Review

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