Science Book a Day Celebrates its 500th Book!


Congratulations to Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything, for becoming the 500th book featured on Science Book a Day!

Doing Science Book a Day, you get to see the numbers of the books you’ve covered go up over time. It’s been a great challenge in discipline, ensuring that the posts go online and that interviews are done. But it’s one thing to imagine what it will be like to get to 500 books, another thing when you actually arrive there. This journey has been great and afforded me some great chances to do some writing, get on the radio, meet world-renowned authors and of course become part of the day of the tens of thousands of visitors to the website. While, the success of the website has been great, comments I’ve heard around me in public remind me to continue the work of this website.

“I can’t imagine there’s that many science books out there.”

Um, what? Needless to say I pointed that friend to this blog to set them straight.

To celebrate our first year of Science Book a Day back in June, we ordered this beautiful Megan Lee Studios print, which arrived back from the framers yesterday – perfect timing for our 500th book. If you can’t see clearly what the small images are, they are beautiful, Art Deco-ish stylised representations of scientists, their year of birth and a representation of the work they are famous for. It’s a beautiful print which will hang beautifully in my office. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Megan’s work, please do, I’ve got many of the t-shirts.

Thanks for helping me get to this landmark (bookmark?) achievement! I look forward to getting to our 1000th book in 500 days!



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