A Revolution in the Making: 3D Printing, Robots and the Future

By Guy Rundle

Synopsis: Just as you were getting comfortable with a digital world, here comes the material revolution, a transformation in the production and distribution, of, well, everything. 3D printing has broken out of its limited industrial uses and landed on a million desktops. New materials, such as graphene, will make it possible to print out complex and durable machines at costs approaching zero. Guy Rundle talks to the people at the frontline of this mind-boggling new world, and paints a vivid picture of how life will change as today’s emerging technologies become mainstream. There will be enormous implications not just for Australia, but for the global economy, international relations and the fundamental structures of our lives.

Published: July 2014 | ISBN: 9781922213303

Mini-bio: Guy Rundle is currently Crikey’s global correspondent-at-large. Born in Melbourne, he was a co-founding editor of Arena Magazine and has worked with Arena publishing group for twenty years. A frequent contributor to The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, Spiked and many other publications, his books include The Opportunist: John Howard and the Triumph of Reaction and half of The Happy Phrase (with Shane Moloney). – Penguin Books Australia

ABC Radio Interview with Author

Crikey Article by Author

Sydney Morning Herald Book Review
The Fifth Estate Book Review

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