The Terrible Truth About Time (Horrible Science)

By Nick Arnold  (Author), Tony De Saulles (Illustrator)

Synopsis: The Terrible Truth about Time will get your ticker racing! Don’t wait a minute longer to discover:

-What happens if you go too close to a black hole?
-How do flies tell the time?
-Why the years pass more quickly as you get older? If you think you can stomach the sick side of science, then read on as we clock up some terrible time secrets.

Find out who was killed for changing the calendar, make your own crazy clock, meet the tortured time geniuses and check out your chances of a time-travel trip. With fantastic fact files and quirky quizzes and crazy cartoons, The Terrible Truth about Time is seconds to none!

First Published: September 2002 | ISBN-13: 978-1407109589

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