A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism

By James Clerk Maxwell

Synopsis: Arguably the most influential nineteenth-century scientist for twentieth-century physics, James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) demonstrated that electricity, magnetism and light are all manifestations of the same phenomenon: the electromagnetic field. A fellow of Trinity College Cambridge, Maxwell became, in 1871, the first Cavendish Professor of Physics at Cambridge. His famous equations – a set of four partial differential equations that relate the electric and magnetic fields to their sources, charge density and current density – first appeared in fully developed form in his 1873 Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism. This two-volume textbook brought together all the experimental and theoretical advances in the field of electricity and magnetism known at the time, and provided a methodical and graduated introduction to electromagnetism. Volume 1 covers the first elements of Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory: electrostatics, and electrokinematics, including detailed analyses of electrolysis, conduction in three dimensions, and conduction through heterogeneous media.

Published: 1873 | ISBN-13: 978-1108014038

Author’s Wiki Entry

Online Version: https://archive.org/details/ATreatiseOnElectricityMagnetism-Volume1

Nature Book Review (1882)
Reflections of an Electrical Engineer

Reflection on James Maxwell

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