Dinosaurs Incognito: Speaking of the Dead Unconventionally

By John A Anton

Synopsis: When dinosaurs were first unearthed in the 19th century, they were reconstructed as lethargic beasts, a stigma associated with ectothermy. This perception prevailed for 150 years. Then John Ostrom rocked the foundations of dinosaur paleontology in the late 1960s. He uncovered evidence that dinosaurs lived dynamic lives, a trait associated with “endothermy” (i.e., warm-bloodedness). Significant scientific advancements were made by ensuing generations of paleontologists following in Ostrom’s footsteps. But now there is reason to suspect that dinosaurs were incredible frauds. Dinosaurs Incognito proposes that dinosaurs were ectotherms and exposes how these clever beasts managed to pull off their endothermic charade by presenting them in intriguing ways that both challenges conventional doctrine and encourages alternate thought. The reader is also introduced to a special axiom regarding morphology, provocative new ideas concerning the nitty-gritty of dinosaur life, and some entertaining anecdotes for good measure which are sure to make Dinosaurs Incognito a memorable experience for the general reader and scientist alike.

Published: August 2009 | ISBN-13: 978-3639181944

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#1 – Your book has been highlighted as controversial. What made you decide to write a book proposing such unconventional theories?
Our view of dinosaurs has changed dramatically during the past four decades and the advancements served as the basis for future research.  By and large, many of the discoveries and ensuing theories have been intriguing.  Even so, my extensive research led me to interpret fossil data differently when it became evident that dinosaur remains have unique features that appear reminiscent of both ectothermic and endothermic fauna. This meant there had to be a way to reconcile these ‘disparities’ and that became my vision. As time progressed, it became evident that there were ways to explain how dinosaurs could have been ectothermic, but lived highly ‘active’ lifestyles.  As a result, entirely new hypotheses and theories regarding the modes of dinosaur lives ensued, some of which are applicable to extant fauna. Therefore, preparing and illustrating a book was a natural consequence of my investigations and the intent was to unite separate schools of thought in a compelling manner. – From Science Book a Day Interviews John Anton

Dinosaurs Incognito is a delight to read. The approach taken by the author is not only refreshingly unique but provides insights into a plausible study of dinosaurs. It is written in a rare style that would be of interest and value to the public as well as to the academic community. The author enhances the informative and enjoyable aspects of the book by using his own exceptionally realistic drawings. – Customer Review from Amazon.com

Our Interview with the Author: Science Book a Day Interviews John Anton

Amazon.com Customer Reviews

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