2 months of ScienceBookaDay

It’s been 2 months since I started Science Book a Day . Starting it on the 1st of June seemed like a good idea and it’s hard to believe that only 2 months have gone by and so much has happened!

Some people have really taken up the idea of SBAD and have retweeted the blog, liked it and promoted it on their own science engagement platforms. Please check out www.sciengage.com who featured us last week 🙂

Author Interviews – My first interview was on skype with Laura J Snyder who was wonderful to speak to from NYC. Antony Funnell (Podcaster of Future Tense) did a phone interview which I am still transcribing (I hate transcribing). And thanks to the internet, I have done 5-question interviews with Paul Meisel and Elisabeth Tova Bailey via email. Thanks guys for your time!

10 Great Books Authors – After about 3 weeks I thought it would be good to have sciencey folk come up with a list of 10 books that influenced them. This has received a very enthusiastic response from both the list creators and the people who visit SBAD. Thanks Sumen Rai (10 Great Books on Space), Renee Webster (10 Great Books on Chemistry and Stuff), DoYouBelieveInDog (10 Great Books on Dogs), Matthew Riddle (10 Great Books on Technology) Ed Brown (10 Great Books on Skepticism and Stuff) and Christine Jasoni (10 Great Books selected by a Neuroscientist). I am on the constant look out for new authors, so please let me know if you have an idea! Thanks to all the list contributor so far!

DoYouBelieveInDog – If you don’t believe in dog, you should. I do. The Australia/USA authors of this blog, Mia Cobb and Julie Hecht took on the challenge of 10 books for dogs and ran with it. They chose a great list of books, but also made a point to feature a book a day on their own social media (see below). Little did I know they already have a great following and were utilising the POWER OF DOG. I was suddenly getting HUNDREDS of views a day and it would not stop. Thanks to them I made many more new friends. Thanks guys!

Do You Believe in Dog Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoUBelieveInDog
Do You Believe in Dog Blog: http://www.doyoubelieveindog.blogspot.com.au
Do You Believe in Dog Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DoYouBelieveInDog

Hits: It’s always hard to know how to take these things, but I’ve been checking them regularly. Not to bore you (and for my own records) my first 1000 views was within the first 37 days, my second 1000 views within 41 days (yes, DoYouBelieveinDog made 1000 views within 4 days – the power of the dog I tell you) and my third 1000 views within 56 days. I’ll keep you posted.

WordPress confusion – My final highlight, or lowlight was in confusion. My site was SHUT DOWN between the 27th of July and the 30th. An automated procedure shut down the website as they suspected me of ripping off other people’s web content, or being part of some money-making scheme. ARGH! Thankfully it got resolved and we’re back in business.

Reviews – I’m trying to include reviews for each book and a handful of impromptu reviews have been given to me from those on twitter and facebook. Thanks to you guys for your input!

So thanks for the first 2 months. I’ll let you know how the next two go 🙂



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