Polio: The Odyssey of Eradication

Polio: The Odyssey of Eradication, by Thomas Abraham

Synopsis: In 1988, the World Health Organization launched a twelve-year campaign to wipe out polio. Thirty years and several billion dollars over budget later, the campaign grinds on, vaccinating millions of children and hoping that each new year might see an end to the disease. But success remains elusive, against a surprisingly resilient virus, an unexpectedly weak vaccine and the vagaries of global politics, meeting with indifference from governments and populations alike.

How did an innocuous campaign to rid the world of a crippling disease become a hostage of geopolitics? Why do parents refuse to vaccinate their children against polio? And why have poorly paid door-to-door healthworkers been assassinated?

Thomas Abraham reports on the ground in search of answers.

Published: October 2018 | ISBN: 978-1849049566

Mini-bio: Thomas Abraham is an American and is the Founder President and Chairman Emeritus of the Global Organization for People of Indian Origin, having previously founded the organization and served as its president. – Wikipedia
Author’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/poliohunt

Financial Times Book Review
The Hindu Book Review
Science Book Review
New York Times Book Review

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Hardcover Edition: Polio: The Odyssey of Eradication


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