Plagues Pox and Pestilence

Plagues Pox and Pestilence, by Richard Platt and illustrated by John Kelly

Synopsis: A comprehensive history of disease and pestilence, told from the point of view of the bugs and pests that cause them. The book features case histories of specific epidemics, ‘eyewitness’ accounts from the rats, flies, ticks and creepy-crawlies who spread diseases, plus plenty of fascinating facts and figures on the biggest and worst afflictions. Illustrated throughout with brilliantly entertaining artworks and endearing characters, you’ll be entertained by a cabinet war room showing the war on germs, a rogues’ gallery highlighting the worst offenders, the very deadliest diseases examined under the microscope and much more.

Published: October 2011 | ISBN: 978-0753431689 | Ages: 7-9 years

Richard’s Homepage:

Mini-bio: John Kelly is an Illustrator, writer and designer who has worked for Scholastic, Macmillan, Hodder, Kingfisher, Simon & Schuster, Aardman animation, Lucasfilm, Radar pictures and many others. I have written and illustrated my own and others picture books, young fiction, graphic novels, non-fiction of every subject area imaginable, storyboards, concept art and treatments for film. – Adapted from United Agents

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Hardcover Edition: Plagues, Pox and Pestilence


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