ABC’s of Earth Science (Jumbo Minds’ Science ABCs)

ABC’s of Earth Science (Jumbo Minds’ Science ABCs) by AC Lemonwood

Synopsis: These books were created by scientists and educators to introduce science to children in a fun and engaging way, with vibrant illustrations. Sooo much more than standard ABC books, these:

  • Teach the alphabet
  • Introduce science vocabulary
  • Explain the meaning of the word via short and easy definitions
  • Provide extended learning with longer definitions and further detail
  • Increase readability for readers with a dyslexic-friendly font
  • Are made in the USA

The target age group is 0-6. However, children of all ages will learn from these books, as they have been engineered with opportunities for multiple levels of learning.

Introduce the language of science to the children in your life during the explosive brain growth period. You’ve covered ‘apple and ‘ball’ – why not add ‘asteroid’ and ‘buoyancy’?

This book introduces your children to the language of Earth Science, from Asteroid to Zephyr. Teach the alphabet and science while children’s brain growth is exploding! The vocabulary words have been hand-picked to cover many areas of the study of earth and our solar system. This book is the perfect size for little hands. Read at home or slip this book into your bag when you’re on the go and wire brains for science!

Published: December 2015 | ISBN: 978-1944049010

Mini-bio: A.C. Lemonwood is the author of Jumbo Minds’ Science ABCs. She is inspired by children’s enthusiasm and curiosity, qualities that make youngsters natural scientists! In addition to having a great respect for scientific discovery and the pursuit of knowledge, she enjoys making the language and concepts of science fun and easy to understand. – Amazon

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Paperback Edition: Jumbo Minds’ Science ABCs: ABCs of Earth Science


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