Conservation Tales: The Cerulean Warbler

Conservation Tales: The Cerulean Warbler by Tom J McConnell and illustrated by Sami Pfaff

Synopsis: This book tells the story of a young girl who learns about Cerulean Warblers and the scientific research and conservation efforts taking place to protect the endangered birds. Includes conservation and inquiry science activities students can do at home or school. Written for grades 3-5, and aligned with Next Generation Science Standards. Illustrations and photographs. First book in a new series for young readers.

Published: March 2017 | ISBN: 978-0986336935 | Ages: 9-11 years

Series Homepage:

Tom’s Homepage:

Mini-bio: Sami Pfaff is an illustrator for the book series, and joined the team when the project was just beginning. She is an art student at Ball State University specializing in drawing and animation. She has a special interest in drawing animals, especially birds.

What APS members said about these books: These books tell the story of children learning about an animal and the conservation efforts to protect it, replicating a high-quality field trip experience. Includes activities students can do at home or school. Illustrations are a mix of photographs and watercolors that are a little lacking in coherence. – Debary Children’s Book Awards

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Paperback Edition: Conservation Tales: The Cerulean Warbler (Volume 1)


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