The Awesome Body Book

The Awesome Body Book by Adam Frost

Synopsis: How long are your intestines? How many mites live in your eyelashes? Do all adults wear clean underwear? And much more! Find out disgusting, hilarious, weird and wacky facts about your body with this awesome book! Are you ready for another EPIC book from the winner of the Blue Peter Book Award 2016 (Best Book with Facts)?

Published: March 2016 | ISBN: 978-1408862353 | Ages: 7-12 years

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“The brilliance of this book is that you can open it at any page and immediately find something interesting or funny! Just bite-sized, accessible and fantastically presented, brilliant facts.” –  Acorn Books, Acorn Books Blog

“[This book] is one of a kind. It’s jam-packed with disgusting and fascinating facts – you can just pick it up, open any page and straight away find something new!” –  National Geographic, Kids

“Full of incredible human facts, especially the weirder ones, all clearly explained and fully illustrated.” –  Primary Times

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Paperback Edition: The Awesome Body Book


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