Genetics: Analysis and Principles

Genetics: Analysis and Principles by Robert Booker

Synopsis: Genetics: Analysis and Principles is a one-semester, introductory genetics textbook that takes an experimental approach to understanding genetics. By weaving one or two experiments into the narrative of each chapter, students can simultaneously explore the scientific method and understand the genetic principles that have been learned from these experiments.

Rob Brooker, author of market leading texts in Genetics and Intro Biology for majors, brings his clear and accessible writing style to this new edition.

Published: February 2017 | ISBN: 978-1259616020 (6th Edition)

Mini-bio: Rob Brooker received his B.A. in biology at Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio, in 1978. At Harvard, he studied lactose permease, the product of the lacY gene of the lac operon. He continues working on transporters at the University of Minnesota, where he is a Professor in the Department of Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development and has an active research laboratory. – McGraw Hill Education

Sure, this is a textbook, but it was the first academic genetics book I read before I went to university and it got me seriously interested in the area. – From 10 Great Books on Genetics

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Hardcover Edition: Genetics: Analysis and Principles (WCB Cell & Molecular Biology)
Kindle Edition: Genetics: Analysis and Principles (WCB Cell & Molecular Biology)


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