Red-Tail Recovery (Ruthie’s wildlife Book 3)

Red-Tail Recovery (Ruthie’s wildlife Book 3) by Emma J Homes

Synopsis: Ruthie’s wildlife scientist parents are taking on a new challenge – saving the endangered red-tailed black-cockatoo. For Ruthie this means a lot of exciting firsts: living in a house, and not a bus, starting at a ‘real’ school, and the chance to make some friends. As always, Ruthie will be helping her parents with their work, but will it be enough to make a difference for these rare and beautiful birds? And what will Ruthie and her family find themselves up against this time?

Published: December 2016 | ISBN: 978-1521278260

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Paperback Edition: Red-Tail Recovery (Ruthie’s wildlife)
Kindle Edition: Red-Tail Recovery (Ruthie’s wildlife Book 3)


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