Science Book a Day Celebrates its 4th Birthday!

Science Book a Day Celebrates its 4th Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little blog! It’s been a cracker of a year, with me leaping back into study, getting a promotion at work and the birth of my little boy. If I haven’t paid enough attention to things, this might give you some insight as to why this has happened.

I started the blog on the 1st of June 2013 with the aim of engaging people with science books. I think there is so much coverage of other genres like crime, romance, fantasy, etc. that the humble science book often gets overlooked in reviews and publications around the world. Is science too serious? Is science too hard? Does it offer the world and deliver so little? It’s hard to say, but I know that I’m interested in people knowing more about science so that they can make more informed decisions, and to hear stories that go beyond the well trodden stories about Einstein, Newton or Gallileo. There’s a whole universe of books about science, whether it’s history, science through fiction or a book outlining the basics of physics or the minds of animals.

I thought about rewriting this summary from last year as to why I started this blog, but it is true as ever with the way science is considered in many Western countries. It is more important than ever for us as citizens to have a handle on science, and whether this is by reading science journals, or by engaging with science in whatever way that is meaningful to you – then do it!

Today is our 4th birthday which means we have featured 1460 books since we began. While I haven’t had the time to do interviews, we have still interviewed over 300 authors/editors/illustrators. My review team still continue their great work, reviewing books from around the world and I’ve had the good opportunity to chat to great authors like James Gleick a few weeks ago. I’ve started using WordPress Ads and Amazon associates which has been an interesting process. Amazon has been more meaningful in terms of commissions, but I will write up a full article on a comparison between the two at the end of a year and see how to continue from there.

As always, I want to thank you the people who keep visiting everyday and perusing the books. Much love to those of you who stop to make a comment and share your ideas – I ALWAYS appreciate this small gesture.

I would say I have big plans for 2017, but at the moment I’m just happy keeping the boat afloat and making time for SBAD in my daily routine!

Many thanks to you all for helping us get to this milestone 🙂




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